Knowing About Fluoride Detox


Posted by: Betty on: April 30, 2013

Fluoride is a compound which is commonly found in our surroundings in the form of sodium and calcium fluoride. It is present in varying concentrations in our everyday consumables including water, toothpaste, tooth restoration materials and pesticide. In normal concentration it is beneficial for dental health but when its concentration in the body rises above a specific level then it can produce various side effects.


Optimal concentration of fluoride in human body as recommended by the environmental protection agency is 0.7 to 1.2 parts per million. This is the upper limit of safe dose and above this level fluoride can cause complication and can even become life threatening. Sign and symptoms of fluoride detox include:


  • When fluoride detox is done by the use of iodine, the iodine helps in taking out fluoride from the body by displacing fluoride from sodium fluoride. In return, iodine combines with calcium which is easily excreted through kidneys and this xcretion of calcium fluoride in urine can easily be confirmed by urine sampling.
  • Mal-absorption is seen when fluoride detox is done by selenium. Selenium is one of the compounds found in Brazil nuts and it not only helps in eliminating fluoride from the body but also blocks its harmful effects.
  • Dehydration is side effect of fluoride detox associated with dry sauna. Dry sauna when combined with proper exercises can help in fluoride detoxification by releasing sodium fluoride from fatty tissues.
  • Hyper salivation is a symptom when fluoride detox is achieved by the use of iodine therapy or vitamin C. High doses of vitamin C are present in citrus fruits and green vegetables and helps in fluoride detoxification but in return causes hyper salivation.
  • Increased sweating in fluoride detox is associated with iodine therapy and is usually experienced at night.
  • Oral sign and symptoms of fluoride detox include foul smelling breath, metallic taste in mouth, bleeding gums and trembling of tongue on protrusion. Appearance of patches on tongue and teeth prints on the side of tongue is seen.
  • ┬áSometimes enlarged lymph nodes are also seen
  • Throat infection which is most commonly due to streptococcal infection
  • Acne breakouts are likely to occur as a result of fluoride detox but these are different from the normal acne



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